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Below are tools that will change your perspective, mindset, and give a burst of inspiration. 

Self-development is one of the most crucial things you can do to succeed.


Immerse yourself in these recommendations below, write down your learnings, and start to action these lessons.


Below are resources that will make a difference to your mindset and life. We are providing you with these but you need to go away and listen, read, and watch this content for it to actually have an impact on your life. Choose one book, podcast, or film to start with and take that actionable step. It’s up to you now.


These books will change your life!

Some love to read and others dread it, find a way that works best for you and get your hands on these. 


At Collective Leigh we are big fans of podcasts! Chuck on one of these when you are driving, walking, watching nature, or anywhere that you can take the time to listen. Here are our top recommendations to inspire + educate you. 

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Films & documentaries

These are more than just movies, they share a message that we believe is so important to understand. 

Extra bits

These are too good to not to add to the resources tab. Come back often to be re-inspired.

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