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Instagram - back to basics

Instagram is such a visual platform and it is crucial that your page is a visual representation of who you are and what you have to offer.

Refer to our tips below to make sure you are using the app to its fullest potential and saving you valuable time.

Adding a full colour background to your stories

  1. Take a photo

  2. Select the draw tool and choose a colour

  3. Tip - hold down on any colour to open up a wider range of colours

  4. Once you have selected a colour, hold down on the screen

  5. Easy! You should now have a full colour background

Adding multiple images to one Instagram story

  1. Add a full colour background refer to first tip 'adding a full colour background to your stories'

  2. Go to sticker gallery and scroll down to photo gallery button

  3. Select an image that you want to add, then adjust this to how you want it displayed.

  4. Tip - tap on the image for curved or sharp corners

  5. Continue using this method with as many images as you would like

  6. Add text, drawings, gifs, stickers, or anything else and you are done!

Sharing a post to your Instagram stories

  1. Go to any post and tap on the paper plane icon

  2. Select 'Add Post to Your Story'

  3. Tip - By tapping on the image you can change the view of the post

  4. Adjust the size that you prefer

  5. Add a full colour background and any other elements that you would like thennn

  6. Your done!

Ta daaa those are the basics that you have been needing to learn to up your Insta game. Go create some stories using these new tricks and tag us to see your work in the wild!

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