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Accounting tips with Hannah Mellsop

When it comes to accounting there is always that instant 'huh??' feeling. How did I not learn this in school? We know the feeling!

Heading into business, contracting, or freelancing? you will want to continue reading.

This is the first of many educational pieces we want to share with you to help make your understanding of all things finances in business a little bit easier.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Hannah Mellsop, the founder and director of Real Rad Food. After running her business for the last 4 years, let's just say Hannah has a lot of experience in the accounting world.

We wanted to speak with Hannah as though we were asking for a friend and you get to be a fly on the wall. We are aware not everyone has that friend or family member they can go to, to ask these questions so we've done it for you. Take a listen....

"There are different ways to structure your business — whether you’re contracting, self-employed, in partnership or run a company. Here’s where you’ll find information about each option, including the pros and cons, to help you decide which structure best suits you or your business."




This is in no way professional accounting advice. It is strictly a personal experience and opinion. Please speak with an accountant or financial advisor for any professional help.

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