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Aaron Walsh notes


- Belonging

- Think and Grow Rich


Losing is a habit

You need evidence that your processes are good

Well-being - measure this by your energy. This is your foundation.

Mindset, focus on your strengths.

Pressure, measured by how well do you perform.

Thinking well and performing well under pressure

You have to build trust to be able to influence

Self-leadership is critical

You can focus on what you do well or what you don’t do well

Your mind affects how you feel and how you feel affects your behaviour and your behaviour affects your performance and that’s what you need to be a high-performance business owner.

Take action.

Don’t say dumb shit out loud.

Performance = Capability minus interference

Is your mind an asset or liability in what you are trying to pursue? We want to make it an asset

What are you trying to accomplish? What are going to be the key areas that you are going to need to develop personally and as a team? Where can you show me on your current schedule that you are giving attention to the things that matter?

Without that GPS of where you are heading you are vulnerable to take multiple detours. If you follow that GPS then you get instructions along the way. Stay focussed.

The vehicle we all have to translate our visions and goals and what we want to accomplish into time and space in a tangible way.

Using that GPS, schedule the time, and have discipline.

Part of doing a good job is delivering what you need to when you need to

Do whatever it takes to get the job done

What’s your say do ratio

Back yourself

Motivation? I operate out of discipline - LeBron James

Be focussed on the opportunities and aware of the threats. Not the other way around.

Operate from your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Does anything grow without pressure?

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