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A bit about us

Kia ora, hey, hello! Welcome to our corner of the internet. We are Collective Leigh, a bespoke creative marketing agency. 
Bespoke - Offering unique solutions to suit your needs
Creative - Offering all things under the creative umbrella
Marketing - Offering all things digital marketing + strategy
Agency - We are a team and partner with our clients, treating your business as if it were our own

First established in 2018 as a passion project, Collective Leigh has pivoted a lot over the years and we are now at a place that we have been working to for 5 years.

Created to collectively bring together those who are in business and those who desire to be. This has always been at the core of why we do what we do. This was driven by seeing so many people unhappy in what they were doing in their day to day life. We typically spend 5/7 days a week working so why are there so many people that dread those 5/7 days?? Something needs to change.

For the first 4 years it was all about trial and error, testing different products and learning along the way. Come October 2021, Jess took Collective Leigh fulltime and it was transformed into a creative studio.

It has been a lot of fun working with many different businesses on all their creative needs but after learning the importance of marketing alongside all creative needs, it has become important to us that we create a service providing all areas that we know are important for your business to succeed.

That brings us to the beginning of 2023, stepping away from the freelance business model and into an agency model. Jess decided to join forces with Hannah; combining Jess’ qualifications and experience in graphic design + photography, and Hannah’s wealth of knowledge and 12+ years experience in all things marketing.

Our philosophy is quality over quantity; we want to partner with businesses that appreciate personal service, and who we think could benefit from having a creative marketing team in their corner.


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Jess Lawson
Founder & Creative Director


Hey! I’m Jess, thanks for being here.


I first created Collective Leigh as a passion project in 2018 with the aim to merge my 3 biggest passions: business, creativity, and inspiring individuals to create the life that they want to live - in essence, to live a life that is more than the 9-5. After traveling to California, USA every 3-4 months to undergo medical treatment (2016-2020) I had a huge shift in mindset, coming to realise that if there was something you wanted, you had to make it happen. “Life’s not going to change if you just sit there and do nothing”.


Over the last 5 years I have completed my studies doing a Bachelor of Visual Communication, worked as a digital marketing coordinator for a large cosmetics company, and continued to grow Collective Leigh, always being the ‘sidehustle’ then transforming into my full time gig late 2021.


When not working you will find me spending time with friends and family, exploring our incredible backyard, travelling, and finding all the good eateries (big foodie over here).

Jess x

Hannah Keys
Head of Marketing & Strategy


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Hey, I’m Hannah, nice to meet you!


I’ve been helping businesses communicate and connect with their customers for more than a decade, and it’s my happy place!


I started out in broadcasting, then print media, then really sunk my teeth into digital marketing in the B2B technology space for a start up in London’s Silicon Roundabout. From there it was off to San Francisco during the dawn of Instagram and Uber, where I experienced a whole new world of possibilities.


I was so excited about everything I’d learned I wanted to bring it all back to New Zealand - starting my own digital marketing consultancy before some of our biggest retailers even had ecommerce sites. I worked with businesses in healthcare, hospitality, ecommerce and sports. 


After another stint back overseas living in Japan, France and England, I finally came back home, where I’ve since returned to print media, and most recently, fashion marketing. 


This journey now bringing me to Collective Leigh where I am super excited to implement everything I know into the epic businesses we are lucky enough to work with.

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