A bit about us



to Collective Leigh; a creative studio for encouraging and assisting ambitious individuals to pursue their passions.
First established in 2018, Collective Leigh has transitioned a lot over the last 4 years. Let’s take a look at the journey.
Going back to 2018, founder, Jess had the passion to create and build a side gig while studying full time gainig her degree in a Bachelor of Visual Communication. 
Collective Leigh was born. Created to collectively bring together those who are in business and those who inspire to be. This has always been at the core of why we do what we do. This was driven by seeing so many people unhappy in what they were doing in their day to day life. We typically spend 5/7 days a week working so why are there so many people that dread those 5/7 days?? Something needs to change.
Over 2018 - 2020 we trialled a lot of different outlets for this mission. From illustration prints, scrunchies, blogging, to the biggest project - two publications where we interviewed many inspiring individuals in business pursuing their passions. 

Fast forward to today, we are a creative studio offering design and photography services. Our mission is to inspire individuals to create the life that they want for themselves.


Hi there, I’m Jess. I thought I’d introduce myself by starting with why I do what I do, which drives my passion for my business, day in and day out. My why is to merge my 3 biggest passions: Business, creativity, and inspiring individuals to create the life that they want to live - in essence, to live a life that is more than the 9-5. After traveling to California, USA every 3-4 months to undergo medical treatment (2016-2020) I had a huge shift in mindset, coming to realise that if there was something you wanted, you had to make it happen. “Life’s not going to change if you just sit there and do nothing”.


After gaining a Bachelor of Visual Communication, working as a digital marketing coordinator for a large cosmetics company, and working within the social media field for over 4 years now, I decided it was time to take this business full time and give it my all. 


When not working you will find me spending time with friends and family, exploring our backyard, travelling, finding all the good eateries (big foodie over here), and chasing the sun year-round.