A bit about us


Collective Leigh was established in Jan 2018 when we sold art prints (at the time called Palm Designs) with the aim of having a place to express my creativity and desire to do something else alongside study and part time work. 

After a few months of this I joined forces with my cousin Harriet and collectively we wanted to create a space on the interweb where we can inspire individuals to pursue their passions and highlight those incredible people who were already doing so. This was driven by seeing so many people unhappy in what they were doing in their day to day life. We typically spend 5/7 days a week working so why are there so many people that dread those 5/7 days?? Something needs to change.

Fast forward to October 2019,  Collective Leigh Published was launched. In my second year of studying a Bachelor of Design I completed a publication assignment and instantly fell in love with the process. Mixing this with my desire for Collective Leigh it only made sense to give it a crack and create a magazine. After a successful launch it was only right to develop a second issue and after many delays (thanks covid) this was launched in June 2020. 

At the end of 2020, I graduated, made the tough decision to discontinue the publication, and hit pause to reflect on where I wanted this to go and how things were going to look.

That brings us to here. Collective Leigh is a platform for those who want to pursue their passions. Take a look around, write down your thoughts, and start planning actionable steps to turn your idea into a reality.

Let’s do this!